Radio Grimm

Radio Grimm is a series of eight full cast horror audio dramas.

Radio Grimm is a horror/suspense audio drama that harkens back to the 50s & 60s heydays of The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt comics and the likes of Alfred Hitchcock. This series of professionally recorded, mixed and performed episodes brings vintage-style horror/suspense back from the grave, re-animated with modern story lines. Each standalone episode full of dark humor and rich sound effects will have you looking over your shoulder for days afterward.

In the world of medicine physicians are often provided the privilege of serving in less fortunate countries. Some accept the invitation while many decline. When the invitation is accepted, the physician is often exposed to worlds unimaginable and suffering unparalleled. Serving those less fortunate is not only an opportunity to give back, it's also the chance to receive more than could possibly be anticipated.

If music captures a person soul, is that soul then forever lost? A mysterious old blind man is witness to a series of Ripper-style murders in New York city during 1893. He is directed to play his ghostly violin during the slaughters, effectively stealing the victims' screams and turning them into mad music. But when a broken string changes everything, the hunter becomes the hunted and the old man takes his revenge in a suitably gruesome fashion.

Friends for life. Or is that… until death? Tiffany and Jessica have been BFFs through thick or thin, but evidently once a girl takes her last breath, all bets are off, hmmm? This evening, two long separated friends are about to have a reunion of sorts, and things are about to take a turn for the worse.

It's a damp and cold October night in the mountains of West Virginia, 1953. Three young men are out in the backwoods this evening doing a bit of hunting that they ought not be doing. The hunters are tracking a legend that the hill-folk in the area have grown up knowing all too well. They are hunting Old Scratch himself, the demon they call Sab-nock.

Newlyweds Kenneth and Barbara White are living the 1950's American dream in their beautiful suburban home, complete with a white picket fence. Yes, indeed: life is a plastic picture perfect dream come true… until they discover a terrifying creature in their basement that can somehow control their every move. The White's dream home has become a living nightmare, and these beautiful people turn out to be helpless pawns in a much bigger game.

It's said that who we are is largely a product of our life experiences. These events shape our minds and our personalities. But what if the life experiences of your past are suddenly wiped clean? You are adrift, with no way to re-connect with the 'person' so carefully formed over your lifetime. And what if discovering the person you WERE is worse than the not knowing?

Have you noticed every small town in America has its own brand of charm… and its own barn full of secrets? Some secrets are only discussed amongst town folk at the local diner, and some are never mentioned beyond a hushed murmur and a knowing nod. If you're new in town, you may get wary politeness — growing eventually into true 'small town charm' — but stick around long enough, and who knows…? That “knowing nod” might just be about you…

Addiction. When your brain loses control and will sacrifice ANYthing to get what it wants. What it craves! Addictions can certainly be terrifying things…. the loss of control, the sacrifice of all you formerly held dear. Can you overcome? And if you can conquer it, forever after are you fully you? What dark pieces of your true nature have now been lost? Our friend Mr. Robert Burke has an addiction. His addiction is… HORROR.