Radio Dreaming

Radio Dreaming is a six-part podcast that presents stories – both true and mythical – from Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark in Éire/Northern Ireland.

There is an ancient Celtic tradition that the land remembers everything. Radio Dreaming explores how the land speaks through dreamers. An off-grid guide to dreaming homeplaces, Radio Dreaming whisks you over limestone hills, fragile boglands and into honeycomb caves to encounter an inspirational mythology of voices, dreams and traditional Irish music. This 6 part radio adventure takes you overground and underground in search of edible landscapes, wild dreams and the voices and myths of the land. Wild camping, kayaking and cycling their way through Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark, Anna Keleher (Devon, England) and Claire Coté (New Mexico) meet the people, places, creatures and things, whose diverse voices keep these limestone Geopark homelands alive. The last two episodes comprise “Radio Dreaming Off-Grid” and feature a variety of voices reflecting traditional and modern off-grid ideas and dreams collected from the Place-Dreamer Pod Tour return journey to the Irish Borderlands.

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