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Quirky Voices Presents

Quirky Voices Presents is a group of podcasts by audio drama voice actor Sarah Golding. She presents MADIVA Podcast—a show that gives advice to voice actors—and Teddy Story—a storytelling show for young children.

Ever wanted to voice act for audio drama? Awesome! Best job in the world!

Well here's a guide as to things to do, think about and how to go about letting folks know you're a safe bet, vocal chameleon or a dependable quirky little firecracker that they will NEED on their show.

Find your voice.

Find your brand.

Get up and get out there and show them what you've got!

Want to improve and hone your understanding of the craft? Want people to see your name and go 'cool, they're in it, I'm definitely giving it a listen?' Then give this show a go.

The Seasons work through the basic how-to's of what to be proactive about, as well as focusing in on audition techniques, warm ups, demo reel creation, remote recording, CRM's, studio recording and more. Much…much more….and probably explored in different accents….maybe…just for funnnn.

Teddy Story


Do you like adventures? Would you like to hear children friendly stories about a magical Teddy who goes on fun amazing adventures through magical portals of joy, and meets fire breathing dragons with sore dragon toes, lonely bears in caves not sure how to make friends, and naughty little bunnies,? Would you like to know why Teddy played hide and seek with Mr and Mrs Teacup and their 8 mischievous china cup children? Or why the giant pigeons were pooping jelly eggs all over the chocolate houses? What happened when the forgetful marshmallow cloud men forgot something REALLLLY important?

This is a fun and yet somehow occasionally educational podcast that helps your child learn left from right and think about right from wrong. Hidden in these stories are ways of dealing with bullies, helping people who need help but won't ask, sharing, caring, not staring, and simply being a good friend.

Did you know that if you are truly good and kind, that your Teddy can gain special powers to come alive at night and create a magical portal to adventure in other worlds? Yes! Worlds full of fun and colourful characters. Of jumping in deep chocolate puddles and bouncing on fluffy marshmallow clouds. Of helping new friends and simply being kind. And did you know that sometimes, certain special Teddies can take their kind loving owners on adventures too?! I wonder if your Teddy would take you?

Join narrator Sarah Golding and Teddy, with fun seeking kids Luca and Maisie, on some incredibly exciting adventures.