Perfect Liars Club

Perfect Liars Club is a storytelling podcast in which four people tell a short story in front of a live audience, with three of the stories being true and one being made up.

Perfect Liars Club is a story interrogation, a storytelling show with a side of shrewd.

Four storytellers tell you a story. Three are true, and one is a lie. Listen. Laugh. Interrogate. Vote. And then brace yourself for the shocking truth. Can you spot the liar?

The more shrewd of our esteemed and discriminating audience members depart with the smug knowledge that nobody can pull the wool over their eyes. As for the rest of us, well, there is beer.1)

Hosted by Pierce McManus and Cara Foran, Perfect Liars Club is a live storytelling show unlike any other. The PLC Podcast pulls from the hilarious and shocking of their monthly live shows. Think you have what it takes to separate fact from fiction? Tune in and find out!