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OAKPODCAST is a “serial audio drama and alternate reality game following a dispossessed autistic spy, codenamed Holly. The story is told through a series of transmissions to Holly's former partner, Oak, and other members of Yule Team. Listeners can influence the progression of the story by sending Holly money or advice.”

Despite her love for solitude, computer hacker Agent Holly has rarely been separated from her dysfunctional team leader, Agent Oak. But Oak has already been gone for months when, the morning after a crushing “not guilty” verdict for her attacker, Holly wakes up alone in America with no money, papers, or health insurance. As her body becomes weaker by the day, Holly learns how to be strong—with or without Oak. In this alternate reality game, listeners can contribute funds and advice to help Holly not only survive the streets, but also learn the truth about the deadly bioweapon she was exposed to during active duty.1)