The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) is Australia's audiovisual media archive, containing a collection that ranges from works created in the late nineteenth century when the recorded sound and film industries were in their infancy to those made in the present day.

The national audiovisual collection holds more than 1.9 million works.

The collection includes films, television and radio programs, videos, audio tapes, records, compact discs, phonograph cylinders and wire recordings. It also encompasses documents and artefacts such as photographs, posters, lobby cards, publicity items, scripts, costumes, props, memorabilia, oral histories, and vintage equipment.

The NFSA aims to develop a collection that has enduring cultural significance. Our curatorial staff guide the acquisition of new material, and the way it is documented and presented.

Included in it's collection are several Australian old time radio shows in several genres, which are available to listen to.