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 +====== The Music Box ======
 +===== Homepage =====
 +  * Website: [[http://​​]]
 +===== Description =====
 +**The Music Box** is an audio drama series featuring serialized fantasy stories.
 +<​blockquote>​On a dark and stormy night, a Lore Master finds an old forgotten Music Box. But this is no ordinary Musical Box, it has a certain magic about it; Magic that transports the listener to another time.</​blockquote>​
 +Season 1 presents a story titled "The Little Girl and The Dragon"​.
 +<​blockquote>​A Little Girl steps out into the world on her first adventure. Where will she go, what will she see, who will she meet? A lot can happen when you step outside your door and there'​s talk of a Dragon about.</​blockquote>​
 +===== Additional Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​rss|RSS Feed]]
 +  * [[https://​​podcast/​id1200616114|iTunes link]]
 +  * [[http://​​|Libsyn website]]
 +  * [[https://​​user-826996337|SoundCloud page]]
 +{{tag>​fantasy free full_cast sound_effects}}
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