McGillacuddy's Bottom

McGillacuddy's Bottom is a comedic audio drama series about the citizen's of McGillacuddy's Bottom, an island in the Mississippi near St. Paul, founded by an Irish immigrant in 1836. Its inhabitants recount the island's history.

[…]there is an island in the Mississippi a mile upstream of St Paul, not a stone's throw from the Smith Ave. bridge, that is inhabited by the descendants of one Captain Patrick James McGillacuddy, who left Fort Snelling in 1836 and got on his home made raft headed for New Orleans, seeing as how the river was flowing that way anyway, he thought he might just go with the flow. P.J. was a kind of “go along to get along” kind of guy. That evening, seven miles down stream of Fort Snelling, while still suffering the after effects of his going away party and before he could get his raft pole unshipped, he ran aground on a mud flat… where else but a mile upstream of St Paul, and the rest is history (sort of).