Magus Elgar

Magus Elgar is a comedy fantasy audio drama series about a mage and his apprentice who discover a mysterious magical artifact. The first episode is free, with subsequent episodes being available for purchase.

Greetings Acolytes! Magus Elgar is an 11 Episode Magical Adventure. Follow Magus Elgar and his colleagues on a journey to understand the intricacies of Magic and even Science in the world of Hearth. Produced by Melodygun and Created by Kennedy Phillips!

In the World of Hearth. Magic is as common as machines in ours. Many jobs in Hearth are enhanced by Magic, though still quite as mundane. Magus Elgar makes a living experimenting with Magic. A valued trailblazing profession that paves the way for advances in the Magical arts. But you don't commit to a career like this unless you're a bit reckless. When Magus Elgar and his Apprentice Udo discover a mysterious artifact called the Mirror Cauldron, The Magus decides to exercise his caution muscles and go home. Choosing to ignore the Cauldron completely and not discover the tantalizing secrets behind it. Nope. Nothing bad happens. Nothing worth making a series about. Surely. Right?