L.I.V.E. Radio

L.I.V.E. Radio (Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment) is a theatrical group that performs original radio plays and songs recorded before a live audience at the Public Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Recordings of their performances are available online.

Once the terror of the Seven Seas, thanks to a mysterious voodoo curse Captain Jonathan Sunset now dedicates himself to the righteous cause of Lady Justice, hunting down vicious pirates and getting his catchy ditty thoroughly stuck in everyone's heads.

Whenever danger threatens the students of Freedom University, you can bet that Chi Beta Justice will be on the scene with all of their various powers, fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Greek Way!

Whenever a dame is in trouble – space trouble – she knows she can turn to Joe Jupiter, Space Private Eye! From his office aboard the Regal Beagle, Joe Jupiter looks out for the little guys and hunts down anyone who's done a crime – space crime.

No matter when, no matter where, steel yourself for spine tingling horror in the continuing adventures of… The Professor! Join the Professor as he travels through space and time in his secret ship, R'LYEH (cleverly disguised as an inconspicuous port-a-potty).

America's singing sweethearts by day, the Allies' secret soldiers by night, Frannie, Connie, Dorrie and Peggy Rogers are always ready with a song on their lips and a gun on their hips. Fighting for freedom never sounded so good!