Tawn Krakowski

Tawn Krakowski is a writer who has made several of her stories available a free audiobooks.

Toni Drake is a loner with a knack for blending in and being nearly invisible to others even when standing right next to them. She turned this natural ability to her advantage by becoming a professional thief, but those talents, and her recent dreams, might be a sign that there is more to Toni than she ever thought possible.

The only survivor of a ship swallowed by a sudden squall, Kai Amari was plucked from the Sevestrian Ocean by servants of Naderu. Her benefactors groomed her to be an Inquisitor of the faith, so that she might make use of her inner rage to bring justice to enemies of the dualistic nature deity. Armed with only a long bow, a slender, unadorned trident, and her wits, Kai begins a journey for which she can only hope she is prepared.

Love Never Dies: A Zombie Love Story

This one-shot special is set in the remains of a world devastated by the zombie apocalypse. One man left his wife and children rather than face what they had become, while another—maybe not so different—man clings desperately to the life he once had.

As the ninth daughter in the ninth generation of the Puffinstuff line, Princess Penny is a very special little girl. With a destiny to save her family that only an elaborate scheme of fake pirates and adventure can possibly achieve, Penny might discover more than just pirate treasure along the way.

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