KOEH 108.3 FM

KOEH 108.3 FM is a comedic comedy series about the citizens of Dipperville, Minnesota. It is presented as a community radio program that discusses local affairs.

In 2012, the Federal government mandated regional community radio stations share time and programming with one another in an attempt to broaden the reach of community radio and spread good feeling far and wide. KOEH located in Dipperville, Minnesota and on the FM band at 108.3 was selected to share five minutes per week with KFAI in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The arrangement is reciprocal whereby KFAI shares five minutes per week with KOEH. KOEH makes every effort to fulfill it's commitment to sharing the KFAI segment but sometimes technology gets the better of us.

KOEH is an all-volunteer community radio station with an FCC license to transmit on 108.3 FM with a power of 100 watts from an antenna atop the grain silo on the derelict lot that was once the Abernathy farm's front drive. This arrangement gives it an effective range that reaches about one mile beyond the town limits. This means that to the outside, FM-listening world, KOEH 108.3 FM, Dipperville is invisible. If it were not for KFAI, KOEH would have remained unknown to everyone but the FM listeners in Dipperville. Some say that prior to KFAIs involvement, the invisibility of KOEH was a blessing in disguise. Now, with KFAI's help, the soul of Dipperville, is bared to the FM world for five breathtaking, largely unplanned and always informative minutes each week.