KJC Comix

KJC Comix is an independent comics and graphic novel production group. Two of their titles are available in audio format. Issues are made readable and listenable on their exclusive X-READER or as MP3 downloads.

A full cast audio drama available for purchase as an MP3 file. There is currently one issue for sale.

The normal life of High School senior Lida Garuzo, had always been considered peaceful; filled with plenty of friends, good times, and an annoying five-year-old little brother. However, when a strange phenomenon occurs, she immediately finds herself thrown into the middle of a secret war between worlds.

With the help of a rebel faction known as “The Resistance”, Lida must take arms, and utilize her wit and courage to uncover truths surrounding this War of Worlds—and the war slowly building within her.

Dive into a world where the impossible becomes your greatest weapon and your worst threat; a world filled with fierce warriors, monsters, and giant pink bunnies.

What destiny awaits a girl living in a world of shadows? When a lie is the social order, will she betray her heart, her allies, and her friends for survival? What she finds on her journey and the resulting “truths” she finally justifies as reality … may ultimately lead to the end of all existence.

A free full cast audio drama series.

Ignorant to the world and caught in sweet blissful ignorance; Esther was in every way a seemingly normal young girl. Growing up in Eyvindr Orphanage alongside her not-so-secret crush, Jay, she knew not of what was currently transpiring in the world around her. Thinking her happy days of imaginary adventures and childhood fun would never end; Esther soon finds her world crumbling before her.

Barring witness to the possibility of losing everything she has ever known; she gives into a mysterious voice and summons forth powers she never knew she had. Awakening as a Phantatiom Master, she learns that she is the vessel for the reborn Goddess Evangeline. Tasked with saving Gaia from an ancient evil reborn, she must venture out into the world of Gaia.

Though what awaits her is not quite the Grand Adventure she dreamed of. But rather, one in which will test every fiber of her being. She will have to overcome a thousand years of pain in order to save the world and ultimately prevent a disaster that began long before she was ever born… Dies Irae.

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