Jet Jungle - Project Farstar

Jet Jungle - Project Farstar is a 20-part storyline from a 1960s adventure radio serial broadcast in South Africa. Jet Jungle was broadcast on South African radio for twenty years, but this story is the only known set of recordings known to still exist.

Text from Wikipedia's article on Jet Jungle:1)

Jet Jungle appeared with his black panther Jupiter, red-head girlfriend Samantha Muller (Diane Appleby) and scientist and faithful friend Prof. Giuseppe “Spaghetti” Valetti (Victor Melleney). The team would routinely fly off from their island headquarters, Orion's Peak, in a Vertijet at the behest of their government liaison “the Minister”, to battle criminal masterminds and the occasional extraterrestrial menace.

In Project Far Star, Prof Spaghetti voices his concern about defeating the forces of Einsteinian space-time, “going out young and coming back old”.

This is a collection of links for each of the twenty episodes, posted on the audio_drama_talk forum.