Going Lowbrow

Going Lowbrow is a comedic musical audio drama about a young prince who disguises himself as a peasant in to survive a revolution, but falls in love with the revolutionary leader who is hunting him down.

The premise:—

THINGS AREN'T SO HOT for Prince Gabriel at the moment: the peasants have stormed the castle, his father's head is on a pike, and, worse yet, he's had to throw on a shabby ensemble and pretend he's one of the great unwashed. He also didn't count on getting all googly-eyed over some ill-bred rough, particularly when said “rough” is currently hunting him down…

A few words on genre:—

INASMUCH as a main plot point of the story pertains to a dashing prince finding himself inexplicably hung up over some penniless indigent, I think it is more or less safe to call it a fairy tale. But let's not forget its absurd gags, its superfluous musical numbers, its slaphappy homosexuality, its cloying romance, its unabashed anachronisms. What we've got, then, if we wish to be as accurate as possible, is a gay screwball fairy tale romance musical, with the occasional helping of 1930s Hollywood. God preserve us.

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