Going In Blind

Going In Blind is a podcast in which a group visually-impaired people play role-playing games. Sections of the game are also narrated as a story, with accompanying music and sound effects.

Going in Blind is a podcast in which a group of Vision Impaired players sit down at a table, roll a few dice and together tell a story.

We record our game with live music and sound effects, then take that recording and chop and change it, flitting back and forth between what's happening at the table and dramatic recreations of the big moments of the story as it unfolds.

Unlike a normal story, with its singular narrator or creator choosing who goes where and when and how, or a choose your own adventure book with its 'turn to page 5 to go left or 22 to go right', the players are being presented with what really is an open world where they can say and do whatever they think their characters would… Expect lots of explosions and fires.

We're currently playing 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, running the Lost Mine of Phandelver module from the 5th ed. Starter Set. We'll be releasing GM notes, pictures, thoughts on the game and much more on here, as well as occasional extra episodes called 'Behind the Blind' where we'll be talking with the GM, the man behind the sound and music, the players, and more about what drew them to tabletop roleplaying games, what it is like being vision impaired and how many goblins they can kill within a minute.