The Fitzroy Diaries

The Fitzroy Diaries is an eight-episode audio drama series about the citizens of an inner-city neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia. The series is produced by the Australian Broadcast Corporation.

Walk through Fitzroy in inner-city Melbourne: a place shaped by gangsters, migrants, Aboriginal activists, the working poor. Now, it's all fancy shops and hipster bars, until you really look.

A woman walks, baby strapped to her chest, through the streets of Fitzroy and Carlton. As she walks, she notices the way the skyline edges upward, nudged by the cranes of developers. And she notices the history of this place, ever-present, despite those cranes. She begins to know the people here — the young couple down the road, the glorious thirteen-year-old from the housing commission flats, and Alan, the eighty-three-year-old man who stands every day, shirtless, watering the garden of the house he was born in.