FIRESIDE is an audio drama series about “a small town radio show full of high tech research and lofty goals.”

FIRESIDE is an audio drama podcast that harkens back to a time when radio was a place where folks told stories of epic proportion. The show is set in the small town of Hamilton, a place filled with high tech research and future thinking innovators. Our show begins with Alex and Angie, Hamilton natives with no technical experience who are tasked with starting a radio station from scratch.

Alex isn't what most people think of when they imagine an audio engineer. That's mostly because Alex received their education in something completely unrelated to creating a radio station, only to learn that they couldn't perform the work they had set their sights on. After a whirlwind few weeks, Alex learns that, if all else fails, there is a radio tower on the outskirts of their small town, Hamilton, that they could work on. They shift their goals and decide to accept the challenge. Alex sets out to build a radio station from scratch with little knowledge and skill, but the drive and interest that is unmatched. They slowly begin to produce the show and they have a few broadcasts under their belt when Alex gets thrown another ball to juggle: a cohost. Enter Angie, a contrarian that instantly dogs Alex every step of the way. But there seems to be more than meets the eye to Alex's rambunctious and outspoken new…friend?

Keep up with the show to see what happens when two opposite people need to work together to bring a radio show to a town that exceeds perception.