Fault Line Players

The Fault Line Players produce several audio drama series in a variety of genres, as well as short, single-episode audio dramas.

A horror anthology series

Macabre Patient Zero takes you on a tour of The Asylum of The Mind - a curious realm perched somewhere between our lost dreams and our darkest nightmares.

It is home to the depraved, the mentally unbalanced, and the violent . . . this anthology series features tales both dramatic and macabre and is not for the faint of heart.

A comedy series

A nerd, a stoner, and a sex bomb host a podcast from their home - where ANYTHING can happen!

A comedic pirate series

Pirate con man Conagher Jones is always on the lookout for booty . . . oh, and treasure, too!

A mystery comedy series

Henry Dillard is a mystery author who just bought a brand new house that comes complete with a loud-mouthed ghost - Trixie O'Brien!

Now Trixie won't let Henry rest until he helps her solve her decades old murder!

A pulp adventure series in the spirit of The Shadow

Two-fisted action & intrigue! The Silver Fox protects Crescent City with his bare fists . . . and loaded .45's!

The comedic adventures of two bumbling private investigators while on a case in Transylvania.

Bumbling P.I.s Jaye Soaps & Chic Waters travel the globe for the Lowbrow Detective Agency . . . solving mysteries and telling really corny jokes.

A paranormal comedy/thriller series

The Sanctioned Paranormal & Occult Occurrence Specialists - S.P.O.O.K.S. - are a rag-tag team of government, paranormal investigators.

They go where no one else wants to go and shine a light on all things that go bump in the night!