Every Photo Tells...

Every Photo Tells… is a podcast that presents audio short stories that are based on images from seven photographs.

Kilted pirate Greenbeard's last voyage turns up some unexpected surprises…

Who is behind the murder at the Eagle Cave?

Love crops up when it is least expected…

An ancient terror awakens to threaten mankind's existence…

A flight on a space cruiser turns into a nightmare for a man who has to face his future alone and come to terms with his past.

A princess fighting for the love of her life on Christmas Eve in a kingdom covered with snow.

A man finds himself quite literally out of time, sentenced for a crime he won't commit for years.

In a world where vampires and werewolves have to live together, a Hunter goes out on a special task.

The trials of a robot assassin duck… and many more stories!

A psychic takes on a job that is more complicated than it first appears.

Obsession and love make an art thief's last great heist one to remember.

The billionaire is locked inside a vault for half a century, but is he prepared to return to society?

A voice from the future changes far more than just one man's life.

A young boy must say a final farewell to his faithful companion.

Dr Simon has a lab full of pixies, but they don't take kindly to his experiments.

Visit Jacques' Bistro, where love blooms over the seafood.

Is one of Father Ian's parishioners really being visited by a giant?

Datria and Priscilla are a mother-daughter sabotage team, travelling the galaxy, visiting stunning cities and blowing holes in most of them. It may seem excessively violent, but the pay is good. After a successful trip to the city of Teal to neutralise the local authorities, the saboteurs escape a trail of destruction in a stolen spaceship. The “Tainted Rose” is not just any old ship, though. It belonged to the Governor of Teal and it comes with a stowaway: the Governor's daughter.

No sooner has Priscilla discovered their uninvited guest, than Datria receives news of their next job. Can they find out the secrets of the MechaMan project and bring the mighty FlexiTel to its corporate knees before Datria throws their visitor out the airlock?

Del Fawmer is a solo musican with a blossoming career, but her life is turned upside down when her dying grandmother asks her to delve into the secrets of the past. Visiting the old woman's house, Del comes across a box full of unusual musical instruments, each accompanied by a letter.

Join her as she learns about a homemade, pedal-powered organ, the different uses for a drainpipe and Bob Dylan's unwanted harmonica. Each quirky instrument reveals a story from Del's family history that lead her to a decision about her future.