The Earthworm Miracle

The Earthworm Miracle is a full cast audiobook about a lone farmer who discovers and befriends an enormous earthworm that others will stop at nothing to obtain. It is available for purchase as digital audio files or available to listen to on the website as streaming audio.

After a giant earthworm escapes from an Argentine science facility, the creature takes refuge near a small Texas town. Farmer Jacob Willy and his drunken neighbor Milt encounter the monster beast, with tales of their discovery falling on deaf ears. 

But when tabloid reporter Tashby Price comes to town, Jacob's “Giant Worm” story takes on new life.

Meanwhile, Milt and his friends have their own financial plans of smuggling Mexicans across the boarder through worm tunnels.

Jacob, Milt and Tashby will have to move quickly, however, because the Argentine scientists have hired assassins to destroy the worm, in order to keep sensitive research out of U.S. hands.