Earbud Theater

Earbud Theater produces short works of audio drama, specializing in genres such as science fiction, horror, fantasy, and thrillers. There are several titles available, and more in pre-production. They also accept submissions for scripts.

Since 2012, the denizens of the underground Earbud Theater Lair have been delivering strange sonic tales of monsters, aliens, and the terror that might be under your own roof. Our world is full of entertainment, but how much of it truly inspires the imagination? Earbud Theater is run by veterans of the film and television business in Hollywood who set out to show that you could stimulate minds without big budgets and eye candy. They must have been mad to try. MAD.

So dim the lights, turn up the volume. Close your eyes – unless you're driving. If you're driving, stop reading this now. Really. Are the drivers gone? Good. Everyone else, use the buttons above to start one of our podplays. Or take a look at the Earblog and learn a little about who we are and what we do. But not about our plans for world conquest. Oh no, you'll never learn about those…

Let us tell you a story. And if you find yourself wondering, or worrying, or just staring at our strange world from newly un-scaled eyes, just remember – it's all in your head…

Shift is a wicked and chilling tale about Dr. Katherine Block, a budding psychiatrist and single mother who is about to learn that one of her patients exhibits a most fascinating and peculiar trait… the ability to “shift.”

This story takes place in your not too distant future at a New Year's Eve party so profound you couldn't possibly forget it. Could you?

Ethan Burrows was (is?) a radio personality who spent the hours from midnight until four in the morning debunking the supernatural and demeaning true believers. Until the day came when proof showed up on his doorstep.

Young American Ben Lassiter is touring the British coastline when he's forced to take refuge from the rain at a pub in the town of… Innsmouth. Here he meets the peculiar Seth and Wilf who have something to teach Ben about life, Lovecraft, death and unspeakable horror.

As any parent knows, balancing work and family can be difficult to say the least. For Gern and Betty Steadfast the two are about to slam together with a great… big… CLANG!

There's no better debunker than Dr. Fullbright. You've probably seen his website where he offers anyone $100,000 for proof of a spiritual entity. He and his trusty cameraman Neville Dylan have never encountered a case that can't be promptly dismissed as a hoax, a delusion or utter malarky. But a visit to one Natalie Jessup just might put the real deal right in their cynical laps.

When Peter and Debbie embark on a weekend excursion into the deep woods, they learn that no matter what time of year it is – fear is Always in Season!

It's night, it's Valentine's day and we are on a dark highway in the middle of nowhere (or is it everywhere?).

Habitat tells the story of Danna, a young astronaut who is the only crewmember left alive after her interstellar ship crashes. Alone and scared Danna wakes up to find… Well, we're not going to tell you. It's not Eyeball Theater, you just have to listen to it. We especially don't want to ruin the part about the toilet paper.

Beatrice Little is married to the rich and powerful John Little. You've heard of them, right? You've seen them at all the fancy events smiling for the cameras, rubbing shoulders with leaders and celebrities. John and Bea, smiling and happy. But if you look closely, you can see that Bea's smile is usually strained hinting at a not-so-happy life behind closed doors. And if you look even closer at the couple, especially over the past few weeks, you just might notice something different about John, something not quite right, something… off. This is where we'll pick up our story.

Garland and Perla are brother and sister, two very different people with only one overlapping skill set – they both have blackbelts in sibling rivlary. The wedge that kept them apart for years can be traced back to one individual – their father. How appropriate then that the two are mysteriously reunited in a lawyers office to hear their fathers final request – and is it a doozy.

Erika Lebeaux is not a big fan of Halloween. It has conjured up some pretty bad memories for her pretty much her whole life. So, it comes as a bit of a curiosity that she would be interviewing the man who made the film that's pretty much the definitive icon of the holiday. A man who is an infamously tough interview who, in success, seems to have created his own monster. A man who is totally, definitively and completely… Over Halloween.

Christopher Addis walked away from the accident that took the life of his brother Paul; but he wasn't unscathed. Plagued by panic attacks that neither a supportive girlfriend nor a probing therapist can relieve, Chris will go anywhere for answers, do anything to be free of them. This makes him a prime customer for a strange little shop he finds down a darkened street, one that promises to take all his fears away…

From WZMB, Monroeville, it's This Monstrous Life with your host Ira Slash. The intrepid reporters of This Monstrous Life travel far and wide to investigate the peculiar human oddity known as 'The Holiday Season.' From the North Pole to a parallel dimension, Ira, Sara Disembowel and Jonathan Moldstein put their reporting (and killing) skills to use as only they know how. See what they unearthed right here on This Monstrous Life.

You're sitting on a porch. A gentle breeze is blowing. A friendly neighbor talks your ear off about this neighborhood you've just moved into. It's a sweet place. They bake fresh pies here, and children still go to play in the park. There's also that government lab… ever since they started up, there have been some side effects in town that you oughtta know about.

America has endured! And will continue to endure! Well, there was the Great Sundering, but we got over that. We've also had economic disagreements. And Centurian invasions. But the President is optimistic, and he's here to tell you that freedom is still the best, and all those rumors about him are absolutely false. You know the rumors we mean. Wink wink…nudge nudge…robot robot…

Every neighborhood has one. A spooky place where kids dare each other to go – maybe it's a boarded up house, where I grew up it was an abandoned funeral home (really), for Tommy and Danny it's an abandoned tenement building across the street. And oh do the rumors grow – the rumors about the old lady who used to live there and how everyone hated her. About how mean she was. About the horrific way she died… and even rumors of a curse. If you're a kid you either stay far, far away or – if you're like Tommy and Danny – you can't help but find out for yourself lest you be branded a chicken. Tommy and Danny are about to take the journey you never could, in the middle of the night the two are going to find out what's inside that building – and what's at the top of The Creaky Stairs…

They know and they don't know. Four people come to, surrounded by darkness. They are strangers to each other except for the common experience each has just had with the worst case scenario: death, destruction, terror, chaos… The only common bond these people share is the experience of a bad day – that they know. What they don't know is that for the stranger among them, this has been a Super Bad Day…