Devoted is a serialized audio drama about a young man who once saved a girl from an attacker, but contracted HIV in the process. As a result, he became shunned by people who feared being infected with the virus. Three years later, the girl he saved reappears and declares revenge on the people who hurt him.

There are five episodes available to listen to.

November-December 1994

Three years ago, Silas Gartner saved a life and destroyed his own. A random act of kindness and heroism, saving a young girl from a knife-wielding kidnapper, got him infected with HIV from exposure to the kidnapper's blood. Once popular and surrounded by friends, he is abhorred and mostly alone. He is an object of fear, a boogeyman to his former peers and teachers. Once a promising athlete, he was unofficially banned from the field after his diagnosis became known. He is a dead man walking as it is inevitable that HIV will become AIDS. Everyone fears him because of the fear of infection.

Now, after three years of secluding himself in his room and burying himself in schoolwork, Silas is ready to face the world again at age seventeen, HIV or no HIV. After all, he has finally met a girl just like him, eighteen-year-old Amber Kasica. She refuses to let the disease beat her or rule her life. Heartened by her relentless spirit, Silas finally begins showing shades of his former self when tragedy strikes.

People he knew and still know begin to be murdered. And the dots connect to him.

Making matters worse, the girl he saved three years ago comes back out of the blue, having searched three years to find the boy who sacrificed so much to save her life. And she is none too happy to discover he is dating someone else. After all, according to her, Amber doesn't deserve him. Only she, Calgary Leone, deserves him because she is willing do whatever it takes to take away Silas' pain, including infecting herself with the HIV disease.

And nothing will stop her from killing or otherwise “punishing” all of those who seemingly abandoned him and tormented Silas.

Or even taking on the cops on Silas' trail as he is the primary suspect in the enlarging amount of murders and HIV cases.

As the whole situation spirals out of control, Silas and Amber realize they must stop Calgary at all costs, and go on the run where the stakes are merely the right to survive a few more years. The police, meanwhile, pursue Silas as he is the only suspect with a motive for the serial killing. He is the only one who could be responsible.

And in a way, the police are right. Silas is responsible.

He saved the life of Calgary Leone.

Can he stop someone who loves, stalks, and torments him all at once? Will he be caught by the police and arrested? Or will he break and collapse into the arms of a serial killer so sweet, so malicious . . .

And so completely, utterly devoted.

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