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Counter Worlds

Counter Worlds is an audio drama podcast that offers several serialized science fiction stories along with standalone story episodes.

Below is the story of a dark technological land known as Motherboard, that survives its' dangerous climate below the ground and under the strict ruling of its' mad queen.

In this harsh land of neon once a person reaches a predetermined age, they are fitted with a unique screen that is embedded and fused into the back of their very skulls.

Any and all thoughts are revealed. Truth and lies laid bare for all to see. Privacy Is now a luxury that is scarce and far-between.

Rusted is the story of Hugo Wells and his daughter Eloise. Join them as they traverse the post war ruins in search of a cure.

It has been 25 years since the war has ended. 25 years since the bombs had dropped and ravished the world. The survivors of this war fight among themselves for food and shelter and to make matter worse; there is a sickness that is causing their bodies to rust and fall apart.

Hugo and Eloise must travel, battle and barter their way to a pre-war relic that may just be the key to curing the rust… And maybe more.

The only radio show that isn't afraid to tell the TRUTH!