Cascade Studios

Cascade Studios is a UK-based independent production company who have produced audio dramas for both internet and radio listeners, as well as producing additional content in other media formats.

A twelve-part fantasy series with steampunk influences. There are also ten “webisodes” that serve as side stories and preludes to the events of the show. They are told by individual characters in the form of a monologue, and each run at around five minutes in length. Series One is complete, with a second series and several side-stories currently in pre-production.

The world is on the cusp of a new age, but will it be one of peace and prosperity or will the shadow of darkness spread to engulf what little remains? Three heroes separated by space but joined by destiny, each struggle with their own trials. The freelancer Edge, who must play the role of guide against his will. The assassin Dante, who is more than he appears to be, and the errant knight Mia, who finds herself suddenly in mortal danger. What awaits them is unknown, but they hold within them the promise of a new Golden Age…

A comedic science fiction series about the adventures of three paranormal investigators, two of whom may be quite mad. One episode is currently available to listen to, and the script is available for download.

Christine was just an ordinary woman enjoying an ordinary life in the Home Counties, that is until a meteorite smashes her house and she finds herself caught up in the latest weird investigation for Tonberry and Glass.