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Russell L. Burt

Russell L. Burt is a writer who has made his horror stories available as free podcast audiobooks. His website also features Whisper Back, a collection of listener-contributed stories.

A horror short story anthology.

Macabre fiction. Horror fiction. Dark fiction. Whatever you choose to call it, that is what is contained within this collection of short stories. But other than that, these tales are as varied as can be. Ghost stories… they're in there. Lovecraftian monsters… certainly. Twist endings… got it. Psychological terror… of course. Sunny, happy endings… not so much.

Revelations is the story of Jamie Shetter, a psychiatrist on the brink of existential crisis. Unfortunately, her move from private practice to public service is of no help, as she discovers “truths” that have her questioning not only the nature of her existence, but her sanity. Join Dr. Shetter as she struggles to get control of her life back from the mysterious revelations, each more awful than the last.

A collection of listener-contributed stories.