Burning Brigid Media

Burning Brigid Media is a Chicago-based production company with a mission to “contribute to a cultural shift through narratives that normalize stories about the traditionally marginalized: women, minority, and LGBT characters presented as people rather than genres.” It features audio dramas produced under the banner of Synesthesia Theatre.

Marketing Executive Erica Crawford finds herself waking up in 2025 with no memory of the past ten years. Culturally and technologically out of time, She has to try and rebuild a life with no money, no work history, and no professional contacts… while evading sinister forces trying to end her life. The future is a cold place when you have no past. A 9-part near-future cyberpunk thriller.

[…] is a steampunk western adapted from the novel of the same title. Sarah Bartleby disappeared ten years ago, leaving her fiancé at the altar. British detective Alton Bartleby must do what he can to make up for the sins of his past by protecting the sister he exiled to America from the man she fled from… but gets more than he bargained for from both. Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken is an 11-part serial.

A science fiction horror audio drama that is available to financial supporters and people who sign up for a mailing list.

Captain Margaret Kincade's career has reached its peak when the Resolution takes her further from Earth than any human in history, well beyond the orbit of Mars on a mission to train the artificial intelligence that is to replace her. Out in the vast blackness, her only human companion is the small transmitted voice from the ground control shift supervisor.

Her only human companion.