Borgus Productions

Borgus Productions is the creator of Not From Space, described as a satirical look at corporate greed in America. Something goes horribly wrong as spaceships show up in Earth's orbit and the news anchors try to keep the listeners calm.

[…]this scathing satire of the advertising industry taunts you with a live radio broadcast complete with all-too-truthful commercials from a series of wacky sponsors you'll grow to love. The station's owner is Jimbo Thomas – always ready to weasel his way onto the airwaves just because he likes the sound of his own voice. Listen to breaking news as an assassination attempt unfolds and the sponsors seize the opportunity to cash in on the latest frenzy. Soon alien visitors arrive from a neighboring world, sending Earth's two biggest corporate empires into the ultimate power struggle – fighting for control of the very station you're listening to.

There are also some comedy skits available on the site.