Be|Spoke is a project by Sheffield Hallam University in which residents across the city share their cycling stories, which were then adapted into audio dramas by playwright Chris Bush. The project was created to celebrate their partnership with the Tour de France.

Three 16-year-old friends set off on an epic adventure during the school holidays, from Sheffield to the Isle of Wight.

A group of friends make the final leg of their year-long cycle round Europe – arriving home in Sheffield.

A 60-year-old man recalls the bike he received for his 16th birthday.

After the breakdown of her marriage, a woman takes her son on a cycling trip to Scarborough.

While an FA cup semi-final takes place, a student new to Sheffield tries to ride up some of its more challenging hills. Unaware of what is unfolding below, she experiences her new environment in all its beauty, its challenge, its history.

Years later, now a lecturer, she passes another new student struggling with the same hills and similar questions.