Aural Traditions

Aural Traditions is an audio drama anthology series from Straight Talk Entertainment1) that presents both standalone and mini-series stories in a variety of genres.

Since our earliest days, mankind has told stories to both educate and entertain. Long before the written word and considerably before the advent of video, stories were designed to be listened to. Nomads gathered around a fire; city-dwellers standing in a stone amphitheater. So it is with Aural Traditions. But with 80% less stone.

War has decimated society. Scavengers roam the ruins of the cities, fighting each other for what scraps remain. In the countryside, however, there is a flickering hope for mankind's survival. To keep this flame alive, however, they need someone – a man with a story.

Mellow Yellow is a cat of distinction with an exciting adventure ahead of her. Join her on her trip through the neighborhood in this family-friendly audio drama.

A young couple on vacation have a run-in with an innocent bystander. They suddenly find themselves in a situation they can't get out of.

Frankie and Carmen receive a promotion out of the depths of Hell. Now they have to get the innocent Ginny McBride to sell her soul to win the Miss Pumpkin Patch beauty pageant. Can they push her over the top to defeat the nasty Cassie Carmichael or will they give it all up for a chance at redemption?