Aural Stage Studios

Aural Stage Studios is a team of audio designers, producers and engineers that create works of full cast audio drama. Their productions are available to listen to on their website. They also offer tutorials for producing audio drama.

Dialed In is an anthology audio drama with the premise that the audience is listening in on a series of phone calls. Recorded with a worldwide cast featuring talents from New York, Minnesota, D.C., Connecticut, London and Belgium.

Alex Ericcson (Nat Angstrom) is checked into a New England Hospital after a major car accident. His accommodations are not so state of the art and there is something… off about his fellow patients. And are those screams in the distance? The more he wakes up, the more Alex realizes his condition is more critical than he could ever believe. Samantha Mason directs this FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios collaboration. Intensive Care also stars Kristina Balbo, PG Lorusso, Bernie Horowitz and Dave Marshall. Featuring Hannah Kramer, Janice Gardner and Ashley Brooks. Directed by Samantha Mason. Music by Matthew J Boudreau and Barb Truex. Sound design and editing by Matthew J Boudreau.

A professor shows his students his favorite exhibits and warns them of the dangers of meddling with the natural population.

Starring Cayenne Chris Conroy, Linda Mason and P.G. Lorusso

It’s 1918 and aliens have crash landed on the planet. At the climax of World War I, Central Power and Allied scientists are racing to find uses for alien technology. Triplanes and Sopwith camels are rigged with laser systems. Believed dead after being shot down, Manfred Von Richtofen, the infamous Red Baron is restored to health as a cybornetic robot and enlisted to aid Germany in it’s quest to fight the return of the aliens. But the key to their quest lies in the hands or rather the voice of a talented, capable and tenacious vocalist, Evelyn Ceriwyn, and the bumbling, but charming scientist, Dr.Henry Isotope.

When Karl (PG Lorusso) gives up his appointed quest to chase after the Muffin Girl (Carolyn Lansom) from the local coffee shop, three prophets, Zoe (Sophia Howes), Milo (Daniel Mink), and Destin (G. Anton Moore) team up with a six-foot silverfish named Bob (Jerry Hudson) and find themselves on a real quest in which a prophet-turned-hero is allied with a villain-turned-mentor to defeat a prophet-turned-villain to save their society from its own absurd facades.