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Audio Drama Auditions

Audio Drama Auditions is a Facebook group for audio drama producers to post openings for voice acting parts in their productions.

A place for producers to place auditions for audio projects and productions.

For auditionees: Please note that, unless stated, these projects will not be paid.

When auditioning, please contact the producer directly via email, rather than using FB messages as they are less reliable. (Although do feel free to use this board, too, if it's a non-private question)

All auditions will have different recording and labeling criteria, so do check the details for each audition.

FOR PRODUCERS: please state a deadline, which at the very least must be 72 hours for auditions, a contact address, file type (eg. - Record in format: 44100hz, 128-bit or 192 bit mp3) and how you want files labelled.

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