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Audio Avatar produces (among other content) audio dramas based on video games and role-playing games.

The Lockhead Journals is a World of Warcraft radio-style detective series that follows the adventures of Edgar Lockhead, Stormwind Private Detective. Join this hard-boiled detective as he solves the murders and mysteries that plague this city. Crimes are never quite what they seem when your foes use dangerous artifacts, dark magics and devious tricks to escape the law. But no criminal is truly safe when Edgar Lockhead is on the case.

A Deadlands Noir adventure, a supernatural adventure in an alternate version of 1920s Atlantic City.

A Deadlands audio drama, set in an alternative, supernatural Old West.

The Tombstone Epitaph, the only newspaper that covers what's really going on in the wild and weird west. Intrepid reporter Alice Wortherly is here to guide us through the strange and horrifying tales of the truth that lies in the deserts and prairies. And in this introductory tale, we find one deputy who is in far over his head…