The Armchair Audies

The Armchair Audies is an annual event where audiobook enthusiasts can discuss the titles nominated for The Audies award, which is presented yearly by the Audio Publishers Association. Since the average person most likely does not have the chance to listen to every audiobook, participants choose one of the 28 categories (each of which has five titles), listens to all of the nominated titles, and makes their predictions. The Armchair Audies is the creation of The Literate Housewife.

The inspiration for this challenge was the simple volume of categories and audiobooks nominated. There are 5 audiobooks nominated in each of the 28 categories. As audiobook lovers, we're deeply interested in the awards. As I've yet to run into anyone who has listened to much more than a handful of of the nominees. There simply isn't enough time to listen to each of the nominees to adequately judge and predict each category. In banding together, bloggers can cover much more territory. Thus the Armchair Audies were born.

  • Last modified: 2014/03/30 14:29