Aimless Wanderings

Aimless Wanderings is a collection of different comedic Doctor Who audio dramas, chronicling the adventures of various bizarre and “vaguely incompetent” incarnations of The Doctor.

Aimless Wanderings is a series of audio adventures following several vaguely incompetent incarnations of a Time Lord called the Doctor.

Imagine our interpretation to be an alternate universe, where none of the Doctors looked like Colin. Where David Tennant wasn't even thought about. Where the Shalka Doctor still wasn't canonical. The premise is the same. This is still a Time Lord with a TARDIS on the run from his people. There are still Daleks and Cybermen and Eric Klieg. But the way events play out is very, very different.

We consider our stories too wacky/out there to be canonical with what's been broadcast – even from when Douglas Adams was script editor!